1st Unitive Justice International Conference
October 2 - 4, 2023

Welcome from AUJ

Sylvia Clute, Clarence Dunnaville, Jr., and Molly Soeby

On behalf of the Alliance for Unitive Justice (AUJ) board, its staff and its many volunteers, we welcome you to the 1st Unitive Justice International Conference.

Unitive Justice is a model that falls within the broad umbrella of Restorative Justice, but at the best practices end of the spectrum because it has no punitive elements. It is also a model that is recognized within the international Integrative Law Movement. When implemented with fidelity, Unitive Justice is a path to transformative system change.

Throughout this conference, you will hear from those who are implementing this cutting-edge model of justice in education and the field of corrections. You will hear UJ practitioners describe our vision for the transformation of leadership, religion/spirituality and politics, and learn about the in-depth training in UJ principles and practice that is offered in a year-long online program.

In the post conference on October 4, you will hear from six leaders from the US and abroad who are transforming the traditional justice system in diverse ways, including the leading spokesperson for that movement. You will learn of efforts to transform law school curriculum, how to offer more compassionate criminal representation, holistic ways of representing clients without going to court, and an approach to corporate and environmental law that puts stakeholders before shareholders.

Conference highlights include:

  • Project for the Integration of Spirituality, Law and Politics (PISLAP) preconference networking and planning meeting on Sunday, October 1 at the Virginia Holocaust Museum. Details and register here.
  • How we are creating a viable school culture grounded on the moral principle of lovingkindness/do no harm—we address harm by finding mutually beneficial solutions, and not by answering harm with more harm.
  • The work being done to transform the punitive culture of jail, prison and juvenile detention so those whom we often see as the problem experience a culture of incarceration that supports them in becoming the solution.
  • How a Unitive Justice model of leadership can transform the places where we work and come together in community.
  • How religious doctrine and spirituality can play a major role in transforming our understanding of justice—from the eye-for-an eye/retributive model to one grounded in the moral principle of lovingkindness and understanding equality as inclusion without exception.
  • A plan for rejuvenating our political process using Unitive Justice principles, such as integrity, honesty, values, trust, courage, connection, and other culture-changing practices embodied in UJ theory and practice.
  • How you can receive in-depth online training in Unitive Justice theory and practice.
  • An opportunity to become a UJ Accelerator and network with others worldwide who are planting the seeds of Unitive Justice in their communities. This is the platform for a growing world-wide Unitive Justice movement.

We thank you for supporting AUJ’s 1st Unitive Justice International Conference. We are excited to see you, either in person in Richmond, Virginia (the former capitol of the Confederacy), or virtually from around the world. Welcome!

Sylvia Clute, President, Alliance for Unitive Justice
Clarence Dunnaville, Jr., Vice President, Alliance for Unitive Justice
Molly Soeby, Chair, 1st Unitive Justice International Conference


VIRTUAL PARTICIPANTS: All presentation times reflect the Eastern Time Zone (US and Canada)

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