PSV Mailing List Rental Guidelines

Ordering Requirements and Restrictions

  1. Lists are available for one-time use only by purchaser and may not be reproduced, reused, or resold, in any form or manner. AGREEMENT: The names and addresses provided are the property of the Society and are supplied for one specific mailing ordered and for no other purpose. After completion of such mailing, this list will be destroyed or erased and will not be used for any other purpose. This list is solely provided for a one-time use and all guidelines, requirements, and restrictions must be observed. Use of the list implies that purchaser has read, understood, and accepted the AGREEMENT.
  2. Addresses are the members' preferred mailing address. Phone numbers, fax numbers and E-mail addresses are not available.
  3. All orders must be in writing on the order form and all sections must be completed. One sample of the mailing piece must be provided for approval before list(s) are forwarded. No changes may be made to the mailer after approval without permission from the Psychiatric Society of Virginia.
  4. Purchaser will be invoiced and payment must be received BEFORE the list(s) will be provided to the purchaser. Direct mail agencies may be requested to provide advanced payment. Failure to receive payment in a timely fashion may preclude future use of any list and a collection will be instituted. Purchaser is subject to late fees in the event full payment is not received.
  5. Lists to be used for surveys require approval of the survey content, by the Society's leadership and must include a letter of introduction.
  6. The PSV reserves the right to refuse list rental orders.
  7. Use of PSV lists in no way constitutes approval of the content of the mailing.
  8. The PSV shall not be liable for any loss or damages incurred through the use of a list and does not guarantee results from the use of any list.



Set up rental fee $500
Per 1,000 labels or fraction thereof $200
Pre-Meeting Registrants $2.00 per name + $500 Setup

Recruiters & Employment Agencies

Flat fee for one time use $7,500


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