On behalf of the Pediatric Anesthesiology Foundation, we are thrilled to welcome you to Anaheim, California for the 58th Clinical Conference in Pediatric Anesthesiology.   We are happy to be back at Disneyland for another year.  While amusement parks are a huge draw, we hope that the lectures we have chosen this year are equally as exciting.  Listening to you as the audience influences our topic selections and we try to play off of the strengths of our speakers.  We are confident that we have a great program this year.

Given our experience over the past several years, we have shortened the number of talks throughout each section in an effort to engage and interact more with the audience.  On Friday, we will adjourn in time to watch the Disneyland fireworks. 

To start, we would like to thank our returning speakers who have been so supportive of this conference over the years.  Dr. Jerry Lerman will be back to talk about the risks and benefits of fasting intervals in children. Dr. Tiffany Frazee returns to the meeting to discuss difficult airway. Dr. Branden Engorn returns as an external speaker as he has taken on a position at Rady Children’s Hospital. Last but certainly not least, our more seasoned conference speakers, Drs. Linda Mason, Charles Coté, and Annette Schure are returning after one (or a few) years off.  

We would next like to introduce to you new speakers joining us for the first time at our Clinical Conference. Dr. Rajeev Wadia joins us from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Eugene Kim is one of our pediatric surgeons at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. 

Saturday morning will start with a quick primer on social media by Dr. Branden Engorn to get us all live-tweeting the meeting with conference hashtag #PAF58. 

Our honored Digby Leigh Speaker this year Dr. Mary Ellen McCann, MD, MPH who will be speaking to us regarding the pediatric brain and anesthesia and neurotoxicity.  Introducing Dr. McCann on Saturday afternoon is our Department Chair, Dr. Barry Markovitz. 

We are honored to Co-Chair this meeting and we want to recognize that we wouldn’t be able to do this without the help of Rosie Zesati, MAM and Viva Shastry, MHA.  Please thank them when you get a chance.  We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Rebecca Margolis, DO and Patrick Ross, MD