Welcome from PCCC

Dear Colleagues,

Today we live and work in a global world. We cannot ignore the interconnectedness of countries and societies or the global interactions of different professional specialties and institutions. This interconnectedness directly affects our approaches to care in the ICU and shapes what choices we make in partnership with our patients and families. As a result, interconnectedness is what drives this year’s theme for the 26th Pediatric Critical Care Colloquium: “PICU: From Global Care to Global Health.”

We are very excited about the unique opportunity this year for the 26th PCCC to collaborate and partner with the 15th Latin American Pediatric Critical Care Congress (colloquially known as “SLACIP”) as co-hosts of the 2019 Pediatric Critical Care Summit of the Americas taking place in Houston, Texas November 7-10, 2019. This special event will be hosted by the Section of Pediatric Critical Care, Department of Pediatrics from Texas Children’s Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine and supported and endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Section of Critical Care. This will be a first-of-its-kind bilingual assembly of Pediatric Critical Care providers, nurses and allied health professionals from the USA and all parts of Latin America (especially Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America) supported with dual-translation to ensure full participation and to encourage rich discussion and debate. This is an extremely unique opportunity to be part of an amazing collaborative involving Pediatric Critical Care experts from all aspects of the Americas coming together to share knowledge and forge new connections and partnerships.

Come join this fantastic learning opportunity in Houston in 2019!


Nick Ettinger
26th Pediatric Critical Care Colloquium
Pediatric Critical Care Summit of the Americas