Nurses Welcome Message

Dear Nursing Colleagues,

We would like to welcome our nursing colleagues from around the world. As we reflect on the many years of nursing practice we collectively have and on the many advancements in practice, we look forward to learning from each other’s experiences. At the 2019 Pediatric Critical Care Summit of America, our goal is to embark on a mission of knowledge sharing and removal of professional limitations. Please join us as we discuss the evolution of nursing practice, the science behind our therapies, the protocols that have highlighted the benefits of quality improvement, and the value of teamwork. We hope to create a sustainable framework for the advancement of the nursing profession around the world.

Speakers have been carefully recruited to fulfill the goal of sharing knowledge, providing excellent education, and promoting quality improvement in the care delivered to our patients. Our focus on teamwork will highlight the importance of increasing every providers’ knowledge level regarding safety, awareness, and acknowledging the need to prevent injury to patients by improving communication among team members.

We would like to acknowledge and thank our collaborators from around the world. Primarily Dr. Gisselle Aguilar from Honduras, who has been instrumental in promoting our nursing symposium in Central America.

We look forward to having you join us and hearing about your experiences. Together, we aim to create a strong nursing foundation that will improve healthcare of patients around the world. Please follow the link to the nursing symposium for more information on the offerings available to choose from.


M. Carolina Gazzaneo, MD and Wendy Quiroz Nasser, DNP, APRN
Nursing Symposium Co-Directors