Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

The modernization of pediatric critical care medicine has improved the quality of healthcare delivered to children with life-threatening conditions and has drastically reduced their mortality. As a consequence, a growing cohort of children and adolescents who survive the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) do so with varying degrees of special healthcare needs and technology dependence. They need a medical home and require complex medical care often coupled with frequent ICU readmissions and pose new challenges to caregivers, providers, healthcare systems and society. As pediatric intensive care providers, we are tasked with providing skilled quality care to critically ill children with empathy, compassion, professionalism and resilience but are also obliged to transition them from hospital to nurturing home care.

Modern changes in the social ethnoscape have redefined our global interaction and citizenship as improved communication and technology now allows us to collaborate with distant international PICUs. This has provided us the ability to share global databases, prognostic tools and have cooperative associations among societies and groups from different countries. We have made remarkable efforts to relate practitioners and institutions in educational and training programs, conjoined research and other forms of scholarship. Despite this progress, accessibility is not uniform across the Americas and profound disparities still exist with regard to resources, organization, and continuing education.

The Pediatric Critical Care Summit of the Americas represents international cooperation targeted toward these challenges in global Pediatric Critical Care. The Sociedad Latino Americana de Cuidados Intensivos Pediátricos (SLACIP) and the U.S. Pediatric Critical Care Colloquium have partnered to deliver the XV Latin American Pediatric Critical Care Congress together with the XXVI Critical Care Colloquium. It is a first of its kind bilingual assembly that provides a forum for building bridges among healthcare providers in the Americas. Your attendance is a way to support this collaboration and encourage future integrated work in Iberoamerica for the benefit and advancement of global Pediatric Critical Care. It is a small world after all.

See you in Houston in 2019!


Renán Orellana
Pediatric Critical Care Summit of the Americas